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EB Studio is a small recording studio in Sandnes, Norway. It's basically a mobile recording studio that has been on the road for 20 years. A new recording studio is under construction. We do remote recording, mostly in the nearby area, primarily for local choirs and groups wanting to release their own CD's and cassettes. We do both classical and popular music projects. We also do sound and music for television and video production. We go for quality and all our recorders are digital as well as our digital editing. Since the start in 1976 we have done around 200 casette- and CD-productions.

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With our mobile truck we record in concert-arenas, churches, schools, etc. We park outside and roll our microphone and communication cables in. During recording we sit in the mobile control room where the mixer, monitors and digital recorders are mounted. (And the truck has carpeted floor, wooden wall paneling, and electric heating, so it's warm and cosy out there, even during the Norvegian winter...). We talk into the recording room and can of course hear anything being said in there. We have a maximum of 16 (digital) tracks.

We charge per hour so it's important that those playing or singing have rehearsed and know their stuff. It's equally important that any musicians equipment are in good shape; no bad cords with buzz and hum.

You are of course allowed to make mistakes during a recording. Things are re-taken several times, things are cut out and on the final record only the best is used. "We'll fix it in the mix" is often heard, however you cannot fix everything there...

A producer is a good thing to have. When something is recorded you need to decide there and then whether it is good enough and you can carry on, or if you have to take it again. A producer is paid to take thouse decissions and is normally a great help. However, low budgets don't always allow for a producer, so sometimes you just have to do without - it can still become a great record!

When the recordings are done, we make a working-copy, a rough mix, normally on a CD, so that the customer can listen to what was done, and select the stuff to work on during the mixing.

After the recording has been done it's time to mix all the tracks down to stereo. This is where the level of the various instruments and voices are decided, as well as equalizing, reverb and other effects. Lots of decissions are taken during mixing. The customer (or producer) decides and EB Studio tries to help so that the customer gets the desired result. You can achieve a lot in the mixing process, however, it does help if the starting point is good(!).

After the mixing it's time to edit. At EB Studio this is done digitally on a computer screen. In the simplest case it may be only to put the various songs in the right order with the correct amount of space in between. This is a fast and fearly easy job to do.

Very often the editing job is quite a bit more demanding. You may have to rescue a recording where you have no good takes at all, by editing together a couple of bars from take one, some from take two, some from take three, etc. This takes a lot more time. You can copy, cut and paste parts of the music just like in an ordinary text editor.

The finished result is your master-tape as a digital DAT cassette (DAT = Digital Audio Tape). This is sent off to cassette or CD production.

Cassette and CD Manufacturing
In Norway, there are several facilities for cassette- and CD-production. Some of the more known are:
Euro CD, Svaddeveien 125, 3660 Rjukan, Norway, phone: +47 - 35 09 45 45.
UNIDISC, P.O. Box 51, Bekkelagshøgda, 1109 Oslo, Norway, phone: +47 - 22 29 60 00.
BEL Produksjon A.S, P.O.Box 6033, Etterstad, 0601 Oslo, Norway, phone: +47 - 22 67 21 20.
Lynor A/S, P.O. Box 4086, Kongsgård, 4601 Kristiansand, Norway, phone: +47 - 38 14 50 00.

Some sound links
We have collected some audio and studio related links. The page is in norwegian, however, most of the links are very international.

EB Studio?
EB Studio is a registered companay run in the spare time by Ove Eldøy. During the day he works with robotics. But hobbies like music and electronics led to the creation and start of EB Studio back in 1976(!). At times, EB Studio does consume quite a bit of the available spare time...

EB Studio stands for "Evangelic Tape Studio". "Oh - oh", something religious?! Yes, that's right, Ove is a Christian and many of the projects at EB Studio reflect this. Several of our customers are Christian gospel choirs and groups making cassettes and CDs. We do of course also take on other projects.

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